You can be smart, but still carry bad information.

Perfectly smart people walk around with bad information. Don’t be one of them.

Spotting Remote Access Scams

Tips for spotting remote support scams

Avoiding Charitable Donation Scams

With the holidays approaching, beware of charitable donation scams

Why are more travelers purchasing travel insurance this year?

The number of Americans purchasing travel insurance for international trips is on the rise…why? 

Be prepared for all that Mother Nature throws your way

Hurricanes. Volcanoes. Typhoons. Landslides. If there’s one thing you can’t control, it’s the weather.

Diagnosis: Fraud

Most of us know what identity theft is and we do our best to keep our private information and passwords secure. But new forms of identity theft surface all the time, and the latest could... Read More

Introducing a small business employee health plan that pays you back.

Health insurance plans can be expensive for any employer, but small businesses often have a more difficult time obtaining affordable coverage than their larger counterparts.

There’s a new Long Term Care insurance in town

Have you considered Long Term Care (LTC) insurance, but you’re worried that your rates will increase down the road?

Protect Your Future and Your Family’s Finances

What if…you weren’t around to contribute to your household?  What if…you left unpaid bills or other expenses for your family to handle?  And what if they didn’t have the means to pay those bills, college tuition,... Read More

Should You Rely on Employer Life Insurance?

Life Insurance Through Work: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Life Insurance: Faster, Easier, Better

Most of today’s to-do lists can be done on your phone or your laptop, whether its shopping for groceries, or booking your next vacation. Now it’s time to buy life insurance online too.

Insurance for Life’s Price Tag

Life insurance many not be high on your list of financial priorities, but it can provide for life’s price tag should your family need it.

Where can you skimp and save a bunch on auto insurance?

Looking to save on auto insurance?  Whether you’re reviewing your current policy or purchasing a new one, choosing your coverage carefully can save you a bundle.

The Benefits of Group Coverage

Group coverage can benefit you, your business, and your employees.  However, navigating the complex health care system has become increasingly difficult, complicated, and downright frustrating.  So, is it worth it?  We think so, and here... Read More

What’s the Deal with Accidental Death Insurance?

Accidental Death (AD) insurance is similar to Life insurance. But it shouldn’t take the place of Life insurance. It can supplement your Life insurance.

How Much Life Insurance Do You Really Need?

While nearly 9 in 10 consumers agree that most people need life insurance, only 1 in 3 Americans have adequate coverage. 

Is Free Life Insurance Through Your Company Enough?

Why would anyone do that? Here’s one main reason: when what you’re getting for free just isn’t quite enough.

A Solution to Small Business Group Benefits

Building a successful business is hard work. Finding affordable, quality health insurance shouldn’t have to be.

Open Enrollment: What are your options?

It’s a confusing time for health care coverage in this country, and things seem to change every day. Open Enrollment starts in November, but what is it, exactly? And who is it for? Here are... Read More

Death by Selfie…and Other Weird Ways to Die

Two things in life are certain: death and taxes. We can handle taxes (or hire an accountant). But death? It’s the ultimate mystery… How will it happen? More importantly, how will it happen TO ME?

A Burden Relieved

A close-knit Italian family deals with a family member’s health issues.

Long Term Care – The Women’s Issue That Affects Everyone

Women face significant challenges as they age. Their longer lifespans translate into higher rates of disability as they spend more time fending off chronic health problems. Worse, nearly three-quarters of women 75 and older face... Read More

Six Tips to Help You Save on Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term care insurance can protect you and your family from the financial burden of caring for a loved one, but it can be pricey. The good news is there are options to keep costs... Read More

Seven Reasons You Just Might Want to Consider Travel Insurance

Lots of people aren’t keen to spend extra money to cover travel plans, and with good reason: it’s not always necessary. It can be difficult to decide if it’s a good idea to purchase travel... Read More

Terrorism, Disease, and Natural Disasters… Should You Really Travel in 2017?

2016 was a difficult year for travelers as countless events impacted the health and safety of people all over the world. So, should you be concerned about traveling in 2017?

Securing the American Dream

Siblings Nancy and Jimmy tell the story of their parents’ love – and good planning.